3 Great Sources For Curating Content

Curating content is part of a very effective marketing strategy used by many to promote their goods and services online! This approach involves gathering relevant content from different sources that you can use to help you gain more exposure on the internet!

Our discussion below focuses on 3 dependable sources that can supply you with all the relevant content you’ll need for this strategy!


This site is absolutely ideal for locating trending topics you can put to use for your own promotional campaigns online! Twitter even allows for you to ‘define’ your searches so that you can be sure the information you are viewing is all relevant content insofar as how you intend to apply it! Even better is that by actively participating in these discussions you’re able to get more exposure by sharing your business links!

Google Reader

Why go forth scouring the internet for interesting and relevant content when you can have it delivered to you? After all one of the biggest benefits of curating your content is the time it saves you as oppose to creating something from scratch! Putting the Google reader to work for you requires that you simply locate likely sources such as blogs that focus on topics related to your interests! Now you have these RSS feeds sent directly to your reader supplying you with a continuous stream of all the latest updates from these sources automatically! This is a very efficient and effective means of gathering information you can utilize to gain more exposure on the internet!

Google Search

The Google search engine allows you to ‘pinpoint’ your searches for particular subject matter! This approach is also one of the best ways to find the sources you need to fill up your RSS feeds as well! The highly defined search results will send back nothing but relevant content provided of course the keywords or phrases used are directly related to the subject matter you’ll need! Consider this approach the best way to search through one of the largest libraries of knowledge known to mankind which is the internet!

Curating content is a very efficient way to tap into one of the most effective marketing strategies found online! By gathering relevant content published by others that can be used to help you gain more exposure on the web, you’re saving yourself much time and effort compared to creating it yourself! The 3 sources discussed here today are both reliable and can continue to supply your needs for as long as you use them! Although there are many more options that can be found online, these 3 will hands down NOT disappoint anyone trying to get more exposure by publishing information of relevance to their needs!